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    A man an woman shopping for fruit in a market

    WestRock India

    WestRock has been doing business and growing its operations in India for more than 20 years. We have a paper mill in Morai making high-quality containerboard and a manufacturing facility in Pune making rigid, humidity resistant corrugated containers for fresh fruits and vegetables, consumer goods, household appliance and pharmaceuticals. We also have a corporate office in Mumbai, serving brand owners across a variety of consumer markets, including Healthcare, Beauty & Personal Care, and Beverage.

    Together with brand owners in India, we are leading the change toward high-quality corrugated packaging for the growing economy in India and beyond. This includes new-to-the-industry standards for product performance and aesthetics—and a consistency that cannot be matched by other packaging suppliers. We are helping our customers ensure product safety and integrity in the most efficient way possible. In the process, we’re strengthening the backbone of the packaging supply chain in India.

    Contact a member of our team in India today.
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