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    Healthcare Packaging

    Dosepak Express? with Optilock?

    A Dosepak Express adherence solution package.

    Dosepak Express with Optilock technology features a calendared blister, and flat panels for readable medication information and links that connect to other adherence programs. It is part of WestRock’s suite of proven adherence-enhancing solutions that can help differentiate pharmaceutical brands.

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    Product Features

    About Optilock technology

    • WestRock’s Optilock technology is an exclusive locking mechanism that transforms adherence packaging.
    • The integration of Optilock technology makes this package significantly smaller (23%) than the original Dosepak Express?, while typically still allowing for the same number and size of pills.

    Designed for Patient Adherence and Convenience

    • Smaller size is discreet and portable, for a better fit with patient lifestyle.
    • The integrated calendar allows patients to easily track their medications, increasing patient adherence.

    Sustainability throughout the Supply Chain

    • The recyclable outer carton is made of WestRock’s paperboard, an environmentally-friendly packaging solution that maximizes the use of recyclable materials and minimizes waste.
    • The smaller package uses less material and is lighter to transport.

    A Scalable Solution

    • Dosepak Express with Optilock technology can be manufactured on existing equipment, enabling a quick and smooth transition process.

    We Are Committed to Child Resistance

    • Dosepak Express with Optilock technology has an optional child-resistance feature.
    • WestRock’s unrivaled expertise in developing child-resistant packaging solutions includes nearly 40 commercialized packages that have tested to the CPSC’s highest standard, F=1.


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